access control (AC)

selective restriction of access

In the fields of physical security and information security, access control (AC) is the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource. The act of accessing may mean consuming, entering, or using. Permission to access a resource is called authorization.

Types of Access Control equipment SSK offers

We offer a wide range of solutions that include simple single door standalone systems and multi-door, on-line, pc based systems including pin/fob/card readers, biometric readers, wristbands and even smartphone technology. These can vary in technology making them as basic or advanced as you want. We have a solution to suit your business needs and one of our experienced security will help design a system to meet your specific requirement.

Applications & Equipment

Types of Input

Biometric: Measures the physical property of the user such as hand geometry, retina pattern, or voice pattern. These types of systems are very high in security.

Keypads: Utilizes a numeric pad. The user would simply enter a set of numbers into the keypad to gain entery.

Magnetic Stripe: Commonly used in banking credit cards. It is required that the magnetic stripe on the card come in direct contact with the reader head.

Proximity: The most secure and best types of reader technologies. No direct contact is required between the card/fob and the reader, therefore reducing wear and tear on the access card.

Applications & Equipment

Basic Components of an Access Control System

Access Cards: The access card is used by persons to gain access through the doors secured by the access control system. Each access card is uniquely encoded. Most access cards are approximately the same size as a standard credit card, and can easily be carried in a wallet or purse.

Readers: The devices used to electronically "read" the access card. Card readers may be of the "insertion" type, or may be of the "proximity" type. Card readers are usually mounted on the exterior (non-secured) side of the door that they control.

Electric Lock: The equipment that is used to electrically lock and unlock each door that is controlled by the access control system. It can be electric locks, electric strikes, electromagnetic locks, electric exit devices, and many others.

Access Control Field Panels: "Intelligent Controllers" installed in each building where access control is to be provided. Card readers, electric lock hardware, and other access control devices are all connected to the access control field panels.

Access Control Server Computer: The "brain" of the access control system. Serves as the central database and file manager for the access control system; and is responsible for recording system activity, and distributing information to and from the access control field panels.

Applications & Equipment

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