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SSK is a ELV & IT solutions provider.

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Our Statement

The company was founded in 2019, as a result of the high demand to deploy turnkey Extra Low Voltage works, information & communication technologies, voice and convergence solutions throughout the emerging Bahrain’s market .

our team is proud to be part of a company that is playing a role in building technology .

We understand the Extra Low Voltage and IT requirement of Bahrain market. Due to strategic success with computer manufacturers, installers, vendors and end users, our footprint can be proudly traced across the country.

Our team of consultants, experts and experienced technicians provides design, integration and implementation services to our clients incorporating a wide range of fire suppression, computer networking, digital multimedia, audio visual and security systems. Our expertise extends to implementing solutions.

Our Departments:
• Firefighting & Fire Alarm Department
• Networks Department
• Security Department
• Public Addressing Department
• Software Department
• Sales Department
• Building Management Systems
• UPS and Electricity solutions.
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bahrain's leader in technology services




SSK delivers exclusive products and services to a mixture of different segments, serving both enterprises and SMB (Small & Medium Business).

Given the phenomenal pace at which ICT technology is advancing, it is difficult for a service provider to know exactly which products they should include in their proposals. Keeping abreast of the advantages offered by different vendors and available technologies is a full time task.

At SSK we believe that knowledge and skills are fundamentals to achieving success in the global marketplace. We strive to assist our customers; we listen to them, identify their needs, offer suggestions based on our experience and act to create values.


SSK is a focused convergence information and communications technology turnkey solutions provider. Most ICT firms miss opportunities for business or create incompatibilities between technologies when they focus on ICT products in isolation.

Working through a customer-needs base, we specialize in providing, deploying and managing ICT infrastructures that not only enable businesses to work seamlessly together, but also afford them the opportunity of having an advantage over their needs.

Our teams are 24/7 ready to support and maintain all your systems.


SSK envisages itself as a market leader in firefighting, fire alarm, networking, software consultancy and security related business in Rwanda and East African Countries in general.

By providing a competent and superior level of service in all pre and post-sales support activities, SSK believes that office security is very important to protect your business through CCTV, Access Control, Alarm Systems & Firefighting. Our customers have the necessary support to all these solutions to make them more effective in their core business.


To succeed, we as a company need to recognize values that are important to us and our clients, and try our best to make them perceive us just that way.

We yearn for recognition as passionate, innovative team workers, with client focus as our priority.

SSK has an impressive track record in taking contracts from design throughout to commissioning and, if so desired, onto ongoing management.


An astounding spirit of sharing and caring, where people give willingly of their time, knowledge and experience. Equally important is recognizing customers as part of our team.

We have had continued growth and success by partnering with reputable manufacturers with whom we develop innovative, reliable and flexible relationships.

We accompany them on visits to our clients, where their trained and passionate team is able to transfer expertise not only to our team, but also to the customer, thus enabling the user to make an informative decision about their Extra Low Voltage and ICT Infrastructure equipment.

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SSK Technology with branded CCTV Manufacturers

Soon, we will announce good news to our clients who will benefit from reliable equipment that gained excellent international reputation during the last 10 year.


Fire Alarm system

we provide design, installation, programming and training on using Automatic fire detection or fire alarm systems. All the designs and products are customized accordingly to fit the required physical domain.

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All car parking barries from automate system are fitted, as standard, with heavy dutty gear boxes and motors, providing you with the capacity to cope with thousands of operation cycles daily whilst still maintaining fast opening and closing times, designed to increase traffic flow whilst preventing taigating.

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